PHP Poll and Voting Script

With this script you can provide votes and polls on your website. Your visitors select one option and click the submit button to vote.

Our script in action

Take a look at websites that use our script.

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The options can be displayed as radio buttons with text or images aside and as select menus. The results will be displayed as graphical bars.

To prevent manipulations the script uses the IP address of the user and/or Cookies. That is to make sure, every visitor votes only once. Please note that these two features can only try to prevent fraudulent votes.

Online Demo » Text Options
Online Demo » Image Options

Functions and features of Voting Script

  • Graphical results with bars
  • Different bar images with different colors and size
  • Layout is easy to customize with HTML templates
  • Prevention of fraudulent voting by using IP address and/or Cookies
  • Text or image options for radio buttons
  • Available language files: English, German, Dutch, Hungarian

» Please take a look at the script documentation.


The script needs PHP/4 or PHP/5 on Windows, Unix, or Linux to function properly. You also need a software (WinZIP for example) to unpack the script files after downloading from our server.

Webmaster Requirements

You should have a solid understanding of HTML and some experience with script installation.

Download Poll and Voting Script

Download and use the script without registration and for free. You only need to leave the ad link.

Should you run into problems while installing the script, please use the » support forum.


If you want to use the script without the ad link, you can purchase the script online.

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