Google Dance Tool - Compare www, www2, www3

As a webmaster you might know that the search engine Google does an update mostly once a month. Several days before the updated database is available at you can get a preview of the new data index at and While that update period the search results vary from time to time so the update got the name Google Dance.

To compare the results of all three servers at a glance there exists several tools on the web which show the result pages of Google side by side or one below the other.

The Google Dance Tool on this site, that you can download and use for free, shows a permanent entry field for the search terms and the buttons to select the horizontal and vertical frame structure.

» Google Dance Tool Demo

For webmasters in Germany might be interesting the possibility to compare the search world wide, pages in German and pages from Germany side by side.

The result pages can be displayed two different ways. First in three columns to compare the positions of the results. And second in three rows to compare the number of results.

Download Google Tool

Please note: Google is a registered trademark of Google Inc. is not affiliated with Google.

Should you run into problems while installing the script, please use the » support forum.


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